Lake Hula - Israel - MoRo Photography
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Cranes in the Mist

Tens of thousands of cranes use the Hula lake as their base when migrating from Europe to Africa. The lake is situated in a vally to the north of Israel, with lots of water flowing on the way to the sea of Galilee. On winter mornings, just as the sun rises, the vally is covered with magical mist. The Grey Cranes that live in the valley, start their day with search of food in the nearby fields and in a feeding station that is posted at the area.
It was a cold morning, and I got there a little bit before sunrise. The craneswere just waking up, and their sounds were surreal, as though one is situated in the heart of the African savana. I took this shot after I saw a big group of cranes starting their morning routine. The result was like magic to my eyes.

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